Motorcycle Servicing

Motorcycle Servicing

Rocket Motorcycle Servicing

So you’ve passed your motorcycle test with flying colours and chosen the bike of your dreams but it still needs regular servicing and frequent tyre changes to keep fettled and running like the performance machine it is.

That is where we can continue to help.

With our many years of experience we can maintain and service just about any machine from a twist’n’go moped right through to the latest sports bikes.

When the time comes around we can also prepare your pride and joy for its annual MOT, present it on your behalf and return it to you with a nice, new, crisp MOT certificate. If it does fail, for whatever reason, then we can source the required spares, repair the bike and then represent for a re-test.

We have recently invested in a tyre fitting and balancing machine and so this is an additional service enjoyed at competitive rates by our regular patrons.< /p>

If you have problems in the area around Liverpool then we even have a trailer which can accommodate even the largest motorcycle and we can probably help by picking the bike up… All part of the service at Rocket Motorcycles.

Our services include

MOT prep work
Insurance work
We also specialise in repairs and parts for chinese bikes

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